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Ian Herbert: Super Bowl media blitz brings old friends together


Published February 6, 2006

But probably the coolest group of people I met at media week was one that I would never have even expected to run into. I didn't get their names, but on Thursday I sat on the couch - the same one as the Rob Schneider altercation - next to two couples who have been to all 40 Super Bowls.
One of the couples had been married for more than 60 years and the other two have been together for 40-plus. They live in Colorado and Texas, but the four of them get together every year to go to the Super Bowl. The guys sat there next to me and reminisced about Super Bowl II and the '85 Bears. They told me that my idol - Redskins quarterback Doug Williams - had a great day, but probably shouldn't have won the Super Bowl MVP.
Their wives showed me pictures of guys at the first Super Bowl and told me about their kids. They talked a little bit about the Super Bowls, but mostly they just wanted to know about my girlfriend.
"Do you have a cute girlfriend?" one asked.

I wasn't expecting to get a credential when I first applied back in the fall, but I certainly wasn't going to turn it down. It ended up being the last thing I'm going to do for the paper. I can only hope that, in the future, I'll meet up with some of my best friends at Super Bowl LX - wherever it may be.

This is Ian Herbert's last column for The Michigan Daily. He hopes you enjoyed the ride and hopes you have fun with Sharad Mattu and Matt Venegoni, who will be writing the Sports Monday Column the rest of the year. Ian can be reached at