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Monday, August 3, 2015

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March 29, 2011 - 8:09pm

Caught Red-Handed


Red Velvet Cake that you'll actually want to eat

I do not understand red velvet cake. Why on earth would you want your cake red? It’s not like it’s a specific flavor: “Mmmm, this cake tastes so good and red to me!” Do you know what red velvet cake is? It’s regular yellow cake with a few spoonfuls of cocoa powder and red food dye. Boring, yes?

But in the spirit of a Valentine’s Day bake sale, I felt like I had to make red velvet cake. Well, cupcakes, of course. But I was determined to find a recipe that tasted like decadent chocolate cake. A good homemade cake. Not a dry box cake. However, the recipe I found had a ½ cup of cocoa powder in it, which didn’t make my cake very red. I swear they were more red than then pictures show. But a ½ cup! Most recipes call for 1 tablespoon. So these cupcakes were goooood.

By the way, it’s a law that red velvet cake be topped with cream cheese frosting. Usually I need so much frosting so cover up the hideous cake, but these actually complimented each other seamlessly. And thanks to all that bought the cupcakes at the bake sale…there wasn’t one left!

Recipe, once again, courtesy of