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The 2010 Schefters: Honoring the best of Michigan athletics

Managing Sports Editor
Published December 12, 2010

To say it’s been a wild year in Michigan sports would be an understatement.

For every Cinderella story or success, there seemed to be equal heartbreak or disappointment. We looked on as the football team's first-ever major NCAA infractions unfolded before our eyes. We watched the men’s gymnastics team win the University’s first team NCAA championship since 2005. And we saw an old athletic director step down and a new one rise up, promising results in Ann Arbor.

In honor of such a momentous year of sports and an incredible group of student athletes, I’m delighted to introduce Daily Sports’ first annual awards — The Schefters.

The awards are named after one of the Daily’s most distinguished alumni, Adam Schefter, who was an editor in the Daily sports section in the 1980s. Now with ESPN, Schefter has taken the sports reporting world by storm.

So without further ado, here are the 2010 Schefters:

Best Cinderella Story: Shawn Hunwick, ice hockey

No one — not even Michigan coach Red Berenson — thought the 5-foot-7 walk-on goaltender could do it.

I remember Hunwick's first press conference after his first start in place of Bryan Hogan, as he almost glided into the press room after a win. He had no clue how to talk to the media; he accidentally cursed halfway into the interview. But there was just something about this kid that made you want to root for him.

And with the Michigan hockey team absolutely reeling, Hunwick put an entire program on his narrow shoulders and turned the team around.

Hunwick stood on his head for the rest of the season, taking the Wolverines on a run that should have seen them head to Detroit for the Frozen Four. And though it wasn’t meant to be, Hunwick’s story will go down in Michigan hockey lore as one of the most incredible we have ever seen.

Breakout Athlete of the Year: Denard Robinson, football

Freshman striker Soony Saad is a close second on this one, but no one could have expected the contribution that Robinson would give to the Michigan football team.

He invigorated the entire country for a few weeks, showing a brand new breed of quarterback that no one in Ann Arbor had ever seen before. Just last year, Robinson seemed destined for the slot receiver position as fellow quarterback Tate Forcier looked to have a stranglehold on the job. But Robinson lit up the University with his hard work and his million-dollar smile, almost singlehandedly getting the Wolverines back to a bowl game.

Michigan owes an awful lot to its smiley, speedy signal caller.

Most impressive individual achievement: Robinson’s 502 yards against Notre Dame

With the Wolverines in a hostile environment, Robinson made his name known to the world with one of the single greatest performances in the history of Michigan sports.

Not only did he eclipse the 500-yard mark, but he did so on the final drive in the game's waning minutes against one of Michigan’s greatest rivals. He showed the world how lucky the Wolverines were to have him and catapulted to the top of every Heisman Trophy list in the land.

And although he didn’t win the award, when all was said and done, no one will ever forget his absolute destruction of the Fighting Irish in South Bend.

Game of the Year: The Big Chill at the Big House, Michigan ice hockey wins 5-0 over Michigan State

This category should probably be called event of the year, considering how little the game had to do with how awesome it actually was.

With 113,411 people in attendance, the athletic department absolutely shattered the record for most fans to ever witness a hockey game (or an NCAA sporting event) — and put on a hell of a show in the process. There were fireworks after each of Michigan’s five scores. There was great music. And there were still the great hockey chants that make the program one-of-a-kind (although it was tough to synchronize them at times).

Dave Brandon earns a round of applause for this one, as a whole lot of the sporting world was focused on Ann Arbor for The Big Chill. And I have to say, to see that many people dancing and enjoying Michigan hockey, it might be one of the best sporting events I have ever been a part of.

Coach of the Year: Steve Burns, men’s soccer

This one is a no-brainer.