Friday, April 18, 2014

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Though University must step lightly, Coleman voices personal support for stem cell proposal

Daily Staff Reporter
Published October 13, 2008

Coleman said she doesn't usually endorse candidates or proposals, but considered the stem cell proposal a particularly important issue.

"I'm doing this as an individual, you know, because I think it's the right thing for the state," she said.

Coleman said the ballot initiative transcends partisan politics.

"I work across the political spectrum and in fact the stem cell issue isn't a partisan issue," she said, citing the fact that both presidential candidates support stem cell research. "You know, for me, this isn't about partisanship, this is about being able to do the best science with the best tools."

Leading up to the vote in November, the University would continue an ongoing educational effort so voters can "understand what embryonic stem cell is and what it isn't," Coleman said.