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January 23, 2013 - 11:51pm

The Working Ethic: College ethics 101


You may be wondering who and what is The Working Ethic. This is my disclaimer and in some ways an explanation — why am I the Working Ethic?

This blog is a conversation for us all. As undergrads, we’re in the formidable stages of finding and being comfortable with ourselves. But this intrapersonal development comes at a crossroads with new interpersonal relationships too — not just with your roommate, but with your classmates, frat brothers, sorority sisters, and most importantly the University community of thousands of people. Without a doubt, we’ve all been confronted with new situations that require us to think about how to handle situations, what is right and what is wrong.

Remember that bastard that stole your laptop in the Ref Room and you cried your way to the campus policeman who came running through to catch the culprit? Meanwhile, an entire library failed to stop it from happening. How about the person you asked to watch it who said, “Yeah of course, it’s fine!” Did they just crash from taking too much Adderall? Then there’s that time you walked down South U and saw for the thirtieth time that girl from freshman year. Do you say hi this time or start plugging away at your phone like usual — even though she waved at you last time? In class, when you’re told to form your own group for a semester-long project, do you edge your desk towards your tried and true friends or towards those who will earn you the A? Not to mention the Greek system and all the ethical controversies that surround the hazing, partying and drug use, as well as the hypocrisy and politics inside every chapter.

We talk about these things all the time amongst ourselves, but the Working Ethic is a place for bringing this discussion to a forum for us all to share together. Because wouldn’t it be awesome if we had the answers? I definitely don’t have the answers. I’m just another undergrad like you who also has yet to figure it all out. But I too would like to be damn sure that our friends are never again left to go home alone when the rest of the pack gets into Skeeps.