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May 1, 2014 - 1:33pm

Washtenaw County judge announces early retirement


Washtenaw County trial court judge Nancy Wheeler has announced her early retirement from the bench.

Wheeler, who has served in the court system for 24 years, was set to retire when her term expired Dec. 31, 2014, because of a state law that doesn’t allow individuals over the age of 70 to run for judge positions.

However, in a press release Thursday afternoon, she announced she would be retiring effective today because of immediate health concerns that affected her ability to continue working.

In the release, she thanked her staff, other court employees, people who follow and use the court, and the voters.

“I am most grateful for very supportive voters and the confidence they placed in me at each election,” the release read.

Wheeler is the second trial court judge to announce she’ll be stepping down early; judge Donald Shelton, whose term expires at the same time and is similarly unable to run for reelection, announced in April that he will be stepping down from the bench early this fall to take a position at the University’s Dearborn campus.