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July 12, 2013 - 9:11am

Ten things that got buried in the excitement of Thursday's Board of Regents meeting


1. University President Mary Sue Coleman recognized the Men’s Swim Team for their NCAA championship title, lauding the program as the most successful team in Michigan athletic history.

2. Paul Urbanek, design director and vice president at the Detroit office of SmithGroupJJR, presented the regents with the schematic designs for renovations of the William Clements Library, built in 1923 by famed Detroit architect Albert Kahn. The regents approved the schematic design.

“We’re extending the relevance and life of this library. This is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus,” Urbanek said.

3. The regents also voted to approve their meeting schedule for 2014 and 2015, which will include meeting dates in Detroit and Grand Rapids.

4. After a vote by the regents, the University will now offer a Master of Health Professions Education degree program, coordinated by the Medical School.

5. In the public comments section, members of a University longboard enthusiasts club asked the regents to consider creating a policy to differentiate between longboards and skateboards. While a regent's ordinance states that skateboards are not allowed on campus, a student speaker said longboarders are also often ticketed.

“Longboarding can be a strong mode of commuting across campus. Skateboards were found to cause damage to campus, but because longboards are constructed differently, they do not cause damage,” he said.

6. Central Student Government President Manish Parikh addressed the regents and executive officers for the final time before he hands off the gavel to newly elected CSG president, Business junior Michael Proppe.

“My address this afternoon reiterates that here at Michigan, no matter where we come from or how we look, no matter what our religion or who we love, we are all equal and part of the giant Wolverine family,” Parikh said.

7. SACUA Chair Kimberlee Kearfott delivered an annual report on the Senate Assembly’s Committee’s activities during the past academic year.

“Faculty governance is anything but involved in a stagnant rotation,” she said.

8. The Regents have approved the appointment of psychology professor Susan Gelman as interim dean of LSA. Her term will last from Sept. 1, 2013 until Aug. 31, 2014.

“With her years of experience as a faculty member and her knowledge of the college’s administration gained through her service as associate dean, I am confident that the college will maintain its momentum during this interim period,” Hanlon said in a communication with the Regents.

9. The regents have appointed University Provost Phil Hanlon to serve as Special Counsel to the President until May 31, when he will leave the University to assume the presidency at Dartmouth College.

“I love the University of Michigan,” Hanlon said. “I have the greatest admiration for the place, I admire what it aspires to, I admire the success it has… The people here at the University of Michigan are terrific and I’ll miss them very much.”

10. Coleman addressed members of the men’s basketball team, along with a round of hugs.

“You just play with a joy that I think is rarely seen,” Coleman said.

Photos by Nick Williams/Daily