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February 6, 2013 - 8:28pm

Sexual assault awareness campaign creates video


The I Will campaign, which launched Monday, released a promotional video staring student leaders and administrators at the University who voiced their support for raising awareness about sexual assault. The campaign was started by LSA seniors Elisabeth Hindert, Josh Buoy, Seth Klapman and Yonah Lieberman.

People who were featured in the video included SAPAC Director Holly Rider-Milkovich, Vice President for Student Affairs E. Royster Harper, Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon, SAAC President Kate Grimaldi, Community and University Engagement Coordinator Jeven Moore and Track and Field athlete Jeff Porter.

Harper said in the video that she is enthusiastic about the movement, which allows supporters to make a statement about taking action together.

“I’m excited about a campaign that makes an affirmative statement about what you are willing to do, what you are willing to say about who you are and what you believe," Harper said.

Brandon said the issue of sexual assault is a relevant problem for everyone on campus, even those who have not been directly affected. He added that the students at the University should act on their qualities as “leaders and best.”

“We sing about being the leaders and best in our fight song, but leaders and best means more than just winning athletic contests, it means leading in other ways,“ Brandon said.

Porter said the University should expand our national presence and broadcast awareness of social issues, such as sexual assault.

“Michigan is on a national stage, in every sport, almost every week. And we have an ability and we have a platform that most school don’t have to bring a certain issue to the forefront in the media."

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