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January 30, 2013 - 4:23pm

Police report tampered drinks at off-campus parties


University Police issued a crime alert Tuesday afternoon regarding several reported incidents of students being served drug-altered drinks.

The crime alert stated that many anonymous or unconfirmed second-hand sources have come forward to the Ann Arbor Police Department in recent months about students’ drinks being tampered with using drugs.

A student recently told Ann Arbor Police that she may have been given drugged drinks at an off-campus fraternity party on Jan. 25. The victim told police that she was not assaulted but was given several drinks at the party, which, upon consumption, caused her to vomit and “black out.”

The location of the incident is listed as the 600 block of S. State St., which is home to University chapters of two fraternities — Beta Theta Pi and Chi Psi.

Chi Psi President Kyle Williams declined to comment Tuesday.

Later on Wednesday, Beta Theta Pi president Maxwell Salvatore also declined to comment on the alleged incident. In an August message to residents of the Beta house, many of whom are not members of the fraternity, House Manager Devin Berghorst wrote, “This is, and will stay, an alcohol free house.”

Editor in Chief Andrew Weiner and Managing News Editor Adam Rubenfire contributed to this report.

Story updated: This story was updated at 4:20 p.m. Wednesday with Beta Theta Pi President Maxwell Salvatore's decline to comment.