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February 14, 2014 - 1:18am

Pedestrian struck by Blue Bus


Alex Galel/Daily

A University Blue Bus struck a student pedestrian Thursday night on North University Avenue and Thayer Street.

University Police responded to the accident at 9:20 p.m. The pedestrian was transported to the emergency room at the University Hospital.

According to University Police, the student crossed the road as the bus was turning. The pedestrian’s injuries were determined to be not life-threatening.

Westward traffic on North University was redirected to Thayer Street and eastward traffic was not permitted from State Street.

At the scene, the bus driver declined to comment.

The incident is not the first to involve a University Blue Bus. Since the beginning of the academic year, a bus became stuck in a turnaround, a driver crashed into and destroyed a bus stop and two students were injured after falling out of a bus.

In the hours after Thursday evening’s incident, social media comments have referenced a campus legend that says the University offers free tuition to any student hit by a Blue Bus.

But in a 2011 interview, Kelly Cunningham, University director of public affairs, said it is not true.

“It is absolutely, positively not true!” Cunningham wrote.