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February 6, 2013 - 1:03am

In Other Ivory Towers: Harvard University addresses cheating scandal


Michael D. Smith, Harvard University’s dean of faculty of arts and sciences, sent out an e-mail to the Harvard community on Friday in attempt to offer closure on the large-scale cheating scandal that shocked the University last spring, The Harvard Crimson reported reported Tuesday.

Following an investigation of mass cheating on a take-home final in a political science course, Smith said about 70 undergraduates were forced to disenroll. Of the other students implicated, about half were put on probation, while others were not punished.

Smith wrote that he hoped the scandal would “shine a bright light on the important issue of academic integrity and what we are doing on this issue.”

Princeton University expands gender-neutral housing options

Princeton University will expand gender-neutral housing into its residential colleges, The Daily Princetonian reported Monday.

The change will expand upon the 278 gender-neutral beds already available for upperclassmen. Beds will now be available to rising sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Emily Vander Linden, the former recruitment chair for Princeton Equality Project, an LGBT student organization at Princeton, expressed her enthusiasm for the new housing options.

“We’re really excited to see the continuing expansion — to see the option of living with a roommate, no matter their gender, be open to every student on Campus,” Vander Linden said.

Northwestern athletics to partner with Chicago Cubs

Northwestern University and the Chicago Cubs will team up for an athletic and marketing partnership for the next five years, The Daily Northwestern reported Tuesday.

NU will have the opportunity to use Wrigley Field for athletic events and student-athletes will be able to intern in the Cubs front office. In addition, five future NU football games will be played at Wrigley.

The deal will enable the Cubs to market at NU and vice versa in an effort to push NU as “Chicago’s Big Ten Team.”