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January 29, 2013 - 11:34pm

In Other Ivory Towers: Boston College GLBTQ office vandalized


The Boston College Law School’s GLBTQ office was vandalized after the long Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend with homophobic slurs and derogative terms like “frig,” “gay bukkake,” and “bean flicker,” The Heights reported Thursday.

The incident was reported to BC Law Dean Vincent D. Rougeau and the Newtown Police Department who are currently conducting an investigation, The Heights added.

Rougeau released a letter reprimanding those responsible.

“The administration of Boston College Law School condemns this reprehensible action and will not tolerate hateful or threatening speech of any kind,” the letter said. “This behavior is the antithesis of all we stand for as an institution, and is an assault on our shared values of a welcoming, loving and inclusive community.”

UNC responds to sexual assault complaint

University of North Carolina administrators answered allegations on Thursday against the university’s management of sexual assault cases from earlier in the month, The Daily Tar Heel reported Monday.

The complaint was co-authored by Melinda Manning, former assistant dean of students, who claimed UNC pressured her to under-report cases of sexual assault on campus, the Daily Tar Heel reported. Falsely recording crime statistics at a federally funded university violates the Clery Act and formed the basis of the complaint.

Leslie Strohm, vice chancellor and general counsel, said the allegations were completely false.

“The allegations, with respect to the under-reporting of sexual assault, are false. They are untrue, and they are just plain wrong,” Strohm said. “So the facts are these: The Office of University Counsel reported every single sex offense that Melinda Manning sent to us, plus seven additional sex offenses that we gathered through our outreach efforts.”

Harvard University students propose gun laws

A group of Harvard undergraduate representatives turned the school's attention to gun control this month by releasing a report that recommends changes in gun policy at the school, The Harvard Crimson reported Monday.

The group’s recommendations varied from banning firearms to requiring drills in case of emergency. These proposals were also included in a report sent to Vice President Joe Biden.

The Crimson reported that focus group participants at Harvard were surprised at the lack of understanding with regard to gun policies.

“For the most part, we found that the (current) Harvard policies are good with regard to gun control,” said Tara Raghuveer, Harvard undergraduate council president. “I think where Harvard falls short is that students don’t know what the policies are even though they’re publicized.”