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March 27, 2014 - 12:09am

Nancy Kaplan announces Ward 2 candidacy


Nancy Kaplan, Ann Arbor District Library trustee, announced her candidacy for the 2nd Ward City Council seat.

The open seat, vacated by mayoral candidate Sally Hart Petersen (D¬–Ward 2), is an opportunity, according to Kaplan, to let voices of the second ward citizens be heard. She said she plans to emphasize adequate staffing of the police and fire departments, and maintaining everyday necessities around the city, such as streets and parks.

“There are many ongoing and unresolved issues with the city — police and fire staffing is unresolved, the infrastructure is an ongoing issue, and we haven’t set a path to resolve these yet,” Kaplan said. “They need a plan of action. What the citizens are asking for is coming first, and I would lend my voice to some of those items.”

Kaplan has worked as the co-producer and host of the Ann Arbor Community Television Network, an adult education teacher and the former director of the physical therapy department at the Glacier Hills Retirement Community. Having been an Ann Arbor resident of nearly 40 years, Kaplan hopes to use her past work and relationships in the community to further her goals as a city council member, the first of which is to honor the needs and opinions of citizens.

“People expect their council member to take their concerns seriously and go to bat for them at city hall,” Kaplan said in a statement. “That’s what I’ll do.”

Kaplan will be running in the Aug. 5 Ann Arbor Democratic primary.