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February 18, 2013 - 2:14am

THE INSTITUTION: Sathi joins forUM as campaign manager


He just couldn’t stay away.

After coming in third place in the 2012 Central Student Government elections for president LSA senior Aditya Sathi, the presidential nominee of the now-defunct MForward party, will be the campaign manager of forUM.

Sathi, who is currently the treasurer of the Student Association of Michigan, was the vice speaker of the CSG assembly when LSA junior Chris Osborn, the presidential nominee of forUM, was the chair of the finance committee.

“Having worked with Chris in the past … I thought he was the best candidate hands down by far,” Sathi said. “I thought he was the most qualified and I thought he would do the best job next year and I think he has proved himself to be a great leader.”

Sathi said student government is still something he feels very passionate about and added that only a handful of students on campus have the same experience in student government elections as he does.

“I know what I did right and I know what we did wrong,” he said.

One of the factors in running a successful campaign is having a cooperative campaign team, Sathi said.

Public Policy senior Alex Lane, the communications director, said Sathi’s experience made him a natural choice for the position.

“We thought that Aditya would be a natural fit based on his experience — more than anything,” he said. “Out of everyone in forUM I think he’s the only one that’s ever actually run a campaign before, at least on this level.”

When forUM announced its intentions as a party, it already had a presidential and vice presidential candidate as well as a party chair and communications director.

“Certainly we needed a campaign manager and the type of person who would be good at outreach to student organizations, who was familiar with campus, who was familiar with the way the elections are run,” Lane said.

Both Lane and Sathi cautioned that forUM is not the next iteration of MForward.

“forUM is a completely new thing,” Lane said. “It is not a successor to MForward.”

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