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February 18, 2013 - 2:33pm

THE INSTITUTION: Profiling the Womens' Issues Commission


The Womens’ Issues Commission, an executive commission of the Central Student Government, looks to promote gender equality, educate people on modern feminism and promote equality on campus.

LSA Freshman Irene Suh was appointed to chair the Womens’ Issues Commission in the fall. Though a lack of records made the commissions’ past endeavors unclear, Suh said that this semester its initiatives would be more concrete.

“A lot of people have negative stereotypical views on feminism,” Suh said. “This is really unfortunate because everyone that I’ve ever talked to that didn’t know what feminism was believed in (feminist) values.”

Suh said the committees’ main goal this semester would be to diminish negative stereotypes associated with feminism and feminist movements.

“People don’t want to have that label (of being a feminist) or don’t want to work with that label,” Suh said. “I would assume that this is a problem that the commission has faced in the past.”

In January, the Womens’ Issues Commission, along with the Campus Safety Commission, invited Katy Mattingly, chair of the Self-Defense Subcommittee of the Student Safety Work Group, to host a self-defense workshop open for University students.

“We would really like to have more events like this where it directly gets people involved,” Suh said. “I think there is a big difference between telling something to someone and actually giving people the opportunity to see something first hand.”

Suh noted that the commission would be planning several such events in the future.

“That’s when something becomes personal. That’s when you become an activist,” Suh added.

The Womens’ Issues Commission meets every Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. in Conference Room A of the Michigan Union.

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