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October 20, 2013 - 10:45pm

The girl behind the .gif



The Michigan offense wasn’t the only star at Saturday’s game. LSA junior Janine Huelsman made headlines of her own after a gif of her in the stands found its way onto multiple popular blogs and websites, like Deadspin and Bleacher Report, over the weekend.

Huelsman wrote in an e-mail that she wasn’t initially keen on the gif. She said it appeared she was drunk, which she was not.

“I was really annoyed about it being all over the internet because so many people refer to me as the ‘drunk student’ and stuff like that,” Huelsman wrote. “It was just bad timing.”

Huelsman said she hasn’t received any attention on campus yet, but expects that may change tomorrow, when she returns to class.

The strangest part for Huelsman has been seeing her face being used as a “reaction gif” across the web, including by many students at Michigan State University and other rival universities.

“It's kind of funny, and I'm working on just owning the fact that I looked ridiculous because there's nothing I can do about it,” she said.