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July 18, 2014 - 1:33pm

Fifth candidate joins Ann Arbor mayoral race


University alum Bryan Kelly announced Thursday that he has gathered enough signatures to join the Ann Arbor mayoral race.

Kelly, who is running as the only independent, said his candidacy has been verified by the city clerk’s office. Candidates running for mayor are required to submit a minimum of 250 valid signatures and must have at least 50 from each of the city’s wards.

According to his website, Kelly’s main platform point is advocating for the interests of individuals concerned about development in downtown and surrounding parts of An Arbor.

“Our parks, bike lanes, community gardens and farmer's markets matter far more to me than parking structures, paved lots and fourteen-story high-rises that throw entire neighborhoods — including parts of Ann Street, the neighborhood in which I lived as a student — into shade, threatening property values, cluttering thoroughfares and endangering historic trees,” the website reads.

Four other candidates, all current City Councilmembers, are also vying for the position. All are Democrats, meaning only one will face Kelly in the general election this fall.