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December 2, 2013 - 1:22am

DeWolf murder allegedly 'burglary gone wrong,' Detroit Free Press reports


Former medial student Paul DeWolf, Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force, was killed in a burglary gone wrong, according to statements obtained by The Detroit Free Press from two of the suspects in the murder.

The statements from two of the suspects said DeWolf was unintentionally shot during a burglary attempt when one of the suspects attempted to hit DeWolf with his gun, which discharged accidentally.

Ann Arbor Police Detective Katie Nucci testified at a warrant hearing November 22 that DeWolf was asleep when the suspects entered the basement of the Phi Rho Sigma Medical Fraternity, where his bedroom was located. He woke up “and was asking what was going on,” Nucci testified. He then tried to grab something off of a dresser when he was struck by one of the suspects and sustained a single gunshot wound. His body was found June 24 by a coworker after he missed his shift at the Ann Arbor Veteran Affairs Healthcare System.

Currently, Joei Jordan, 20, and Shaquille Jones, 21, have been charged with the crime. Both suspects were arrested in South Carolina. There is also a third suspect who is being accused of firing the gun but has not yet been charged in DeWolf’s Killing.

Editor’s note: Though media reports have included the apparent identity of the final suspect, The Michigan Daily does not disclose the names of any criminal suspects until they are formally charged.