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October 25, 2011 - 12:39am

This Week in History: Chicks dig the 'stache


60 years ago this week (Oct. 28, 1951): Murray Kushell, executive vice-president of the Better Grooming Foundation, reported that college women admire mustaches. Kushell also stated that one main reason for the rapid increase in mustaches is that men discovered that women secretly admire being tickled when they are kissed.

This assertion was flatly denied by the women questioned at the University, and most insisted that they could not think of anything worse than prickly facial hair.

“Heavens, no!” a University senior replied when asked by the Michigan Daily if she liked “cookie dusters,” or moustaches. But she added that they weren’t bad on older men.

30 years ago this week (Oct. 30, 1971): Robert Knauss, vice president for Student Services, requested more campus security, when more than 1,400 residents asked for improved service after two rapes were reported on campus.

Knauss proposed the Dial-a-Ride bus service for students as well as an expansion of the regular North Campus bus service area to cover the Northwood Apartments.

Knauss also authorized improved lighting on the streets and the construction of a chain link fence along the edge of the Nichols Arboretum, in addition to increased patrols by the University security guards.

10 years ago this week (Oct. 23, 2001): A joint committee of the Michigan Student Assembly and LSA Student Government drafted a proposal for a fall study break in mid-October.

“We are constantly hearing MSA should do something that affects students,” MSA President Matt Nolan said in a Daily article. “I see this as MSA taking an issue students have asked us to change and turning it into something real.”

Nolan added that giving students more time to study for midterms “will consequently improve the mental and physical health and the academic quality of work done at this university.”