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January 23, 2013 - 1:17am

Trending: #AlRoker


#AlRoker: Though he confessed last week to soiling his pants in the White House in 2002, TODAY show co-anchor Al Roker kept it clean when covering the 2013 inauguration. He landed the first interview with the new Commander in Chief without having to go commando.

#Har-Bowl: NFL coaches Jim and John Harbaugh will take sibling rivalry to the next level on Feb. 3 as their teams face off in the Super Bowl. If only all sibling confrontations included a Destiny’s Child performance.

#Beyoncé2016: Though accused of lip-syncing, Queen Bey won the people’s hearts with her performance at the inauguration. More importantly, she probably was on the receiving end of the selfies Sasha and Malia took on stage.

#cold: Temperatures dip this week across the country with the coldest air in two years, according to weather experts. Cue the Instagram photos of weather apps! Cue the “pity” of those studying abroad!