Wednesday, July 29, 2015

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February 27, 2013 - 1:50am

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#ikeameatballs: Traces of horse meat are continuing to appear in European foods, including our beloved IKEA swedish meatballs. The frozen tested positive for horse DNA were not set for U.S. distribution. But can we still snack on them while we shop for our karlstads, ydbys and sommarmys?

#j-law: Jennifer Lawrence gave us a million more reasons to love her after winning Best Actress at Sunday’s Oscars. Her fall? Who cares. Watch her post-win press conference, and you’ll fall in love too.

#hairtutorialgonewrong: Tween Tori Locklear went viral with her hair tutorial called “Burning My Hair Off,” where a demonstration goes horribly wrong. Her info tells us to tweet it to One Direction. Yes, your burned hair is what makes you beautiful.

#puppypurse: Quvenzhané Wallis turned heads at the Oscars for not only being the youngest person ever to be nominated but also for toting a puppy purse on the red carpet. PETA let this animal fashion trend slide.