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November 9, 2012 - 1:24am

#Michlinks: Los Angeles Times discovers the meaning of the word "pre-gaming"


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Twitter, in the form of Andrew Kaczynski and Paul Blake, reacts to the ridiculous notion that the Los Angeles Times just discovered the concept of pre-gaming, which they refer to as “pre-drinking” or “pre-funking.”

The story confirms what college students around the country, nay, the globe, already knew.

“While addiction experts estimate that 65% to 75% of college-age youths engage in such boozy behavior, a Swiss study concludes that such ‘pre-loaded’ evenings are far more likely to end in blackouts, unprotected sex, unplanned drug use or injury,” the story reads. “They call it ‘pre-drinking,’ ‘pre-partying’ or ‘pre-funking,’ and it usually involves chugging cheap alcoholic drinks before heading out to a bar, club or sporting event.”

A number of students at Hampden-Sydney College — an all-male college in Virginia — reacted to President Barack Obama’s re-election by yelling racial slurs and throwing bottles and setting off fireworks outside the college’s Minority Student Union. In an e-mail to parents on Thursday, Hampden-Sydney president Chris Howard, the school’s first African-American president, said he was unhappy with the student’s explicit acts of racism. The University of Mississippi, Oxford also experienced acts of racism after Obama’s victory in the presidential election on Tuesday.