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November 29, 2012 - 1:42am

#Michlinks: NYU's "Replyallcalypse"


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Students at New York University found themselves in a "replyallcalypse" when an e-mail sent to all students allowed responses, prompting students to contact 39,979 of their peers with a simple click of "reply all," BuzzFeed reported. The initial e-mail offered students the chance to switch to electronic delivery methods for a tuition form. After one student accidentally replied all when asking his mother if he should opt in for electronic forms, the fun began. E-mails ranged from witty to sarcastic to angry. A key moment in the thread was an attached Nicholas Cage photo. The list was deleted promptly after 24 hours of bombarding e-mails, and the NYU Student Resource Center employee who accidentally allowed for responses to the mass e-mail apologized for the issue, dubbing it "replyallcalypse."

While marijuana was recently legalized in Colorado and Washington, public universities plan to enforce their campus policies of prohibiting the drug, The Atlantic Wire reported. As long as the Federal Justice Department lists marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug, universities and colleges still find grounds to enforce their policies and follow the federal government's stance that the drug should be prohibited — which keeps them in good graces for potential federal funding as well. Furthermore, many universities wish to maintain their Drug-Free campus policy established in 1990, which means even if pot is legal in the state it can be prohibited on campus.