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January 15, 2013 - 11:49pm

A Love Letter


We all have love stories — romantic, platonic, heartbreaking or heartwarming. No one has lived a life devoid of love or at least one or two great stories about it. Ann Arbor Affairs is a new, monthly rotating feature in the Statement, based off of both the Modern Love column in the New York Times and LA Affairs in the LA Times. These stories can relate to anything concerning love for and in Ann Arbor. If you have a story of a terrible date, a long-lasting romance or how much you love your dog, send it in. Submissions can be emailed to Even if your love life has less intrigue than your calculus textbook (but just as many complex variables), chances are you have a story to tell. And if, like me, you have no substantial love life to speak of at the moment, just follow the advice handed down to budding authors everywhere: write about what you know. So here is the first Ann Arbor Affairs column, penned by yours truly about my long-suffering pining for Jewish boys. We hope you enjoy it.