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January 2, 2012 - 7:40am

Iowa update


Just got out of Ron Paul's event downtown at the Marriot after live-tweeting from @andrewweiner. Not much to report — the small room was high energy, but pack 300 people in a conference room, start yelling "Liberty!" and every journalist there will write down "high energy." Paul's momentum and organization in Iowa is strong, and it's popular opinion that Paul and Santorum are neck-in-neck to come in second.

The Santorum surge is interesting. Throughout the cycle, he's been grouped with Huntsman in the "no shot in hell" group. Even if he comes in third, this could shake things up. Paul's lack of support and organization outside of Iowa are obvious. He's not the country's candidate. Santorum is electable — or at least more electable than Paul.

Already spotted two of the candidates. We've got more coverage on the way. We're keeping it blog and Twitter-centric, so keep following my news colleagues @RayzaGoldsmith and @ARubenfire on The Wire.