Sunday, August 2, 2015

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February 22, 2014 - 1:22pm

Video: 50 Cent, "Funeral"



The first rule in 50 Cent’s hood is ‘show no fear,’ as he reveals in his latest single “Funeral.” 50 proved that he follows this rule not only in the homicidal hood but also in the music industry, known to be just as merciless. In an era where obtaining a record deal with Interscope is almost synonymous with guaranteed success, 50 Cent instead revealed his departure from Interscope Records, Aftermath Records and Shady Entertainment. Vice President of Interscope Steve Berman stated “he will always be a part of our family.” The albums released under the label name will remain in Interscope’s lineage as well, as the label will continue circulating and collecting 50’s classics.

Fiddy is more concerned about focusing on the future by burying the past, though. Now that he is an independent artist (distributing his work through Caroline/Capitol/UMG), he has the freedom to invest in his own ideas, as he revealed in an interview with Forbes. The first creative idea receiving his investment is the debut of his video for “Funeral” through “The Capitalist Tool,” FORBES magazine. 50 narrates the tale of a young life taken away in the hood — “flowers, funeral service, a kid in a coffin” — while the cinematic video provides introspective imagery, actors giving life to each of 50’s lines. As fellow Filter writer Allen Donne puts it, this is “GRODT flow on a jazzy beat.” At the start of the video, 50 also reveals the Mar. 18 release date for his upcoming album, Animal Ambition.