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February 22, 2013 - 1:57pm

'Parks and Recreation' Season 5 RECAP: 'Leslie and Ben' and 'Correspondents' Lunch'



Ray: So, was Leslie and Ben's wedding everything you'd ever dreamed it would be?

Gaby: Everything and more! It was honestly so beautiful. Even Jamm couldn't ruin Leslie and Ben's moment.

Ray: Jamm got way more screen time than I was expecting. I had no idea where they were going with that (I also thought the full hour was going to be dedicated to the wedding.). But yeah, ultimately, doing it at City Hall with just the main cast was so deeply satisfying.

Gaby: I thought so too, but I think it turned out well containing it to just one episode. And City Hall seems just so much more appropriate than the Gala, to be honest. I also loved the little flashbacks they had during the ceremony; it was the perfect way to remind us just how far they've come.

Ray: Oh man, and in black and white. They were tugging at my heartstrings, big time. And I love that Leslie had written 70 pages of vows.

Gaby: Did you expect anything less? I really teared up with Ron in this episode; we rarely get to see him so vulnerable and seeing just how much he cares about Leslie was incredibly touching.

Ray: Ron has been unbelievable the past few weeks. He ties the episode together too, with the behind the scenes ring creation. 20 minutes!

Gaby: Ron is my hero, I want him to make me jewelry all the time! "People who buy things are suckers."

Ray: Chris and Anne also had great scenes, as the respective best friends of Ben and Leslie.

Gaby: Anne's dress came out perfect and Chris was just so perfectly Chris throughout everything. Andy and April were great too; I really do love their dynamic.

Ray: I really thought Andy would take Chris's advice on dealing with tragedy to heart right away. I'm jumping ahead a bit, but I thought they did a fantastic job with finally providing Andy some self-worth. Being an idea man is such a strangely appropriate fit.

Gaby: I agree, I'm glad Ben didn't give in and choose Andy's charity in the end but instead, came up with a better solution by offering Andy a job. I'm excited to see them work together; I hope that we will be able to see Andy really grow through the charity job.

Ray: Oh, that's such a good point. Ben has really been there for those two, supplying them with adulthood truth bombs since they all lived together. Well, if we're moving on to "Correspondents' Lunch," I think it's crucial we address the best/worst metaphor ever. Planting ficuses, in my front yard.

Gaby: Oh my gosh, I actually groaned at that. But, I love Anne and Chris and it makes total sense that she's fixed on him to "plant ficuses."

Ray: I'll actually be disappointed if they get back together. I like Anne committing to dating herself and seeking a sperm donor. Something tells me this show will allow for this sort of non-traditional pairing of its two most physically attractive cast members. Still, I'm nervous they might blow it.

Gaby: At first I was a bit nervous when Anne started eyeing Chris again, but if it's just for wanting him as a donor, I think it'll work. They've both grown enough that having this strange sort of relationship might end up working out for them, without them getting back together.

Ray: Fingers crossed. Were you a little thrown off with these two episodes, specifically, being shown back-to-back? I was a little out of sorts when episode two started and they were back from their honeymoon. It was worth it, though, if only to see Ron posing next to the "Hawaiian God of Anger."

Gaby: Yeah, I wasn't sure why they decided to lump them together because they didn't have much to do with each other. But I'm not complaining about having more Parks & Rec; if they want to give us more Leslie doing terrible impressions (i.e. Neve Campbell), I won't stop them.

Ray: Yeah, I suppose that considering how most people watch television these days (Hulu, basically), these things don't much matter. Oh by the way, I think Perd Hapley is my favorite human. "The story of this situation, is it's extremely personal."

Gaby: Perd Hapley is underappreciated; we need a real-life talk show starring him ASAP.

Ray: Well that's become a recurring theme of our little chats, hasn't it? Maybe Perd's show can come on right after "You're On With Ron."

Gaby: Maybe we should start pitching these ideas to some networks — seems like every week we'll come up with more!

Ray: Oh yeah. We just need the right hashtag. So it looks like I was wrong — there is another episode next week. With all these classic characters reappearing (DJ Rhoomba, Li'l' Sebastian, Champion!), I wonder if we are indeed in the home stretch. See you here again next week?

Gaby: Should be exciting, we'll talk then!