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October 4, 2013 - 12:05pm

Flow Culture: Justin Timberlake's new release and upcoming local performances by Drake and The Weeknd



New Music

The release of Justin Timberlake’s The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2 is, obviously, the big story this week. Although it’s projected to sell much worse than the first installment he released in March — approximately 375,000 copies to 1 of 2’s almost 1 million sales in the first week — JT is expected to land himself squarely on top of the Billboard charts, having two albums debut at Number One in the same year.

While the first half of The 20/20 Experience featured an emotional, romantic JT on “Mirrors” and “Blue Ocean Floor,” the new album shows off Timberlake’s womanizing, darker side. Courtship is compared with a boxing match on “TKO” and homicide on “Murder” (featuring Jay-Z), while he talks up his own sexual prowess on “Cabaret” with the help of a verse from Drake.

With more exceptional beats from Timbaland and JT’s trademark charisma, The 20/20 Experience — 2 of 2 is definitely worth a listen.

Live Music

Next weekend, Drake and Miguel are coming to the Palace of Auburn Hills. Drake will be performing material from his new album, so that’s kind of a big deal. Given that it’s a big deal, getting tickets will probably be pretty difficult this late in the game, so if you’d like to go the Saturday night show get moving sooner rather than later.

Speaking of the weekend, The Weeknd’s performance at the Fox Theater in Detroit is coming up soon. AND, the Tuesday night show is conveniently placed on the last day of Fall Break, so if you can get downtown you won’t even have to feel that bad about the work you aren’t doing. Banks is his opening act, by the way, so just go, it’ll be great.