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March 9, 2011 - 10:41am

The City Scene: Expansion of LED streetlights planned


In a partnership with DTE Energy, the City of Ann Arbor has completed the replacement of 58 standard-bulb streetlights with LED fixtures that will reportedly save $5,600 in energy costs, according to a Friday press release.

The area where the new fixtures were installed — within the parameters of S. Forest Ave., Hill St., Packard St., and Wells St. — consists mainly of student housing. The press release said that several residents in that area had approached the city regarding streetlight quality.

The new lights are a small addition to a citywide system that includes over 1,300 LED streetlights.

According to the release, the program was partially funded by DTE Energy’s “Your Energy Savings” program.

“DTE Energy is working to encourage its business and residential customers to save money and protect the environment by becoming more energy efficient,” said Ed Hendrickson, Manager of Community Lighting for DTE, in the press release. “The company's ‘Your Energy Savings’ program gives customers the tools they need to do that.”

City Energy Programs Manager Andrew Brix praised the savings — both in carbon dioxide and in dollars — that come from the DTE-Ann Arbor partnership.

“This partnership is an excellent example of how new energy efficiency technologies can save municipalities money and benefit the environment by reducing carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution from electricity generation,” Brix said in the press release.

The press release noted that although other Michigan cities have looked into similar efficiency programs, “none has pursued LED streetlights as aggressively as Ann Arbor.”

The city plans to implement an additional 500 LED Streetlights this summer.