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November 28, 2012 - 1:53am

Campus Club: Michigan Advertising and Marketing


For the Michigan Advertising and Marketing club, giving members hands-on experience working with real marketing clients is critical.

Founded in 2007, MAM consists of 100 active members who work in teams to create and plan distribution of advertisements for a wide range of organizations, including other student organizations and local Ann Arbor businesses. Each group, comprised of about five to eight students, works with one of the club’s 13 clients for the entire academic year.

LSA senior Anusha Sthanunathan, president of MAM, said due to the large size of the club, each team sets their own weekly meeting time.

“Our executive board meets every Sunday, and we try to meet at a different location every time to change the pace of our meeting,” Sthanunathan said. “Our last two meetings have been at Café Zola and Sava’s.”

Sthanunathan said the recruiting process consists of an online application and in-person interviews. She added that MAM is open to students of all academic majors and years, and the interdisciplinary nature of the club promotes individual growth.

In addition to working with clients, MAM hosts corporate events and workshops to provide mentorship for its members and the networking they need to succeed in careers in marketing and advertising.

“I’ve found that MAM gave me so many avenues to excel not only within the club but also in interviews for companies,” Sthanunathan said. “Using this experience to showcase how I’ve grown as a leader is so incredibly valuable.”