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July 7, 2012 - 2:41pm

Former missing student charged with fourth-degree theft in Iowa


Brice Moss, a former University student who went missing in April, was arrested and charged with fourth-degree theft in Iowa City, Iowa on June 1, according to court documents obtained by The Michigan Daily.

Moss was initially reported missing by friends and family after not showing up at the University’s spring commencement ceremony. It was later discovered that though Moss’s family expected him to be graduating, he had not been enrolled as a student at the University since Winter 2011.

The theft on June 1 allegedly took place at a Johnson County K-Mart store, according to a criminal complaint filed with the county's district court. Moss stole unknown items from the store that were valued at about $298.66 in total.

The complaint notes that Moss took “some” of the items in bags, and left the store. Moss admitted to the alleged crime, according to the report.

According to the Iowa City Police Department's arrest blotter, Moss was subsequently processed and released.

The Daily Iowan also reported the incident in their police blotter.

In Iowa, fourth degree theft is a misdemeanor that involves money or possessions valued between $200-$500.

A spokesperson from the Iowa City Police Department was not available for comment.

Story Updated: This story has been updated to reflect additional documents obtained by the Michigan Daily.