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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Kayla Upadhyaya: Missing 'Community'

By Kayla Upadhyaya, Daily TV/New Media Editor
Published January 29, 2012

The serious moments are obvious and trite, making it mindless comedy. “Modern Family” is sometimes guilty of this, too.

“Community” makes us think. At the surface level, it’s a whirlwind of pop culture references and absurdity. But these characters are real people with real problems — problems that can’t be resolved in one episode or even a whole season. Jeff has been dealing with his complicated feelings toward Annie since season one, Abed’s familial issues are a recurring theme and Britta is always struggling to balance her abrasive personality with a desire to fit in.

No other sitcom can pull off a Christmas claymation episode crafted with equal parts wit and character development, or an episode about a normal gathering of friends and pizza that turns into an ingeniously spun web of six alternate timelines. This show wasn’t designed for the masses or for mainstream-awards attention, but if the all-powerful peacock decides to make “Community” join Horsebot 3000 in its grave, NBC won’t just be forcing us to say goodbye to the best ensemble on television — they’ll be setting back comedy and condemning unconventionality in sitcoms. Let’s be real, they’ll be Britta-ing television for the rest of us.