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Let's Do Some Lines: 'Love Sosa' by Chief Keef

By Akshay Seth, Daily B-Side Editor
Published January 23, 2013

“These bitches love Sosa”...

“Hit him with that cobra / Now that boy slumped over / They do it all for Sosa”...

“We GBE dope boys, we got lots of dough boy”

Chief Keef kicks things off by announcing his love (I know it says “these bitches,” but come on guys − we’re digging deeper here) for retired Chicago baseball player Sammy Sosa. Slammin’ Sammy was indeed a great ballplayer, but Keef seems to be claiming that the almost-hall-of-famer ran a criminal organization operating under the moniker “GBE” (Gangsta’ Bears Enthusiasts). The rest of this hook is an in-depth look at how GBE’s snake-slinging ways (primitive but surprisingly effective) allowed them to become the most feared, wealthy clique in the windy city.

“No we don't use hands boy / No we don't do friends boy / Collect bands I'm a land lord / I gets lotsa commas”...

“You can meet my llama / Riding with 3hunna / With 300 foreigns”

We continue with a rousing description of the GBE’s diehard commitment to Sosa and get peppered with the obligatory warnings regarding the violent consequences of dissing the clique. But suddenly, Keef does a complete 180. He gives us a taste of how civilized he and his friends can be. They never eat with their hands; they collect wrist bands, and in the GBE world, there are no friends — only brothers <3. “Commas” is obviously a metaphor for bro-hugs, which are the glue that holds together any man-clique — much in the same way commas bind together a sentence.

AND THEN THERE’S A LLAMA. Yes, my friends, Chief Keef has a llama and he wants us to meet it. How can this situation possibly be any more fabulous? We get to pet the llama while riding the metro with 300 foreigners. Nothing more needs to be said.

“Don't make me call D. Rose boy”...

“And he keep that pole boy / You gon' get fucked over / Bitch I does sell soda, and I does sell coka”...

“He gon' clap for Sosa”

Keef starts off this verse with a warning to all non-believers that he can call in GBE capo-regime Derrick Rose, if the disrespect gets out of hand. Rose’s weapon of choice is the old high school pole-vaulting stick he keeps hidden in the garage. This isn’t a beating we’re talking about. You gon’ get fucked over — no lube.

And just in case anyone’s forgotten, this is all for the fearless Sammy Sosa, our wise but exacting leader. Keef proudly describes how he has to sell soda cans and Coca-Cola on the streets to pay his weekly GBE dues. Life is tough. Vending machines are driving him out of business. But no matter what happens, he gon’ be clapping for Sosa.