Friday, April 25, 2014

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Best of 2011: Notable community events


Published January 4, 2012

With people coming and going as they pleased and no limit to the number of verses readers could choose to speak, the event was fluid and engaging while highlighting the surprising differences between seeing words on a page and hearing the action unfold.


Vienna Teng: “Most notable balance of studying and a stage name”

Once a computer software engineer, now a student at the University, and always a musician, Vienna Teng graced the Power Center’s stage in October. Currently a student at the Erb Institute for Global Sustainable Enterprise, Teng studies business as well as environmental concepts. But despite tens of thousands of followers on YouTube and fans on Facebook, Teng remains humble and a student with one of the most dazzling careers on campus.


Chinese hip hop: “Most notable musical genre you’ll wish you’d heard of earlier”

What happens when you live in China and the Ministry of Culture bans hip-hop music and you’re a hip-hop artist? You come to the United States and keep making music. In the spring of 2011, Young Kin spoke at the University about the growing underground hip-hop scene in China and the struggles many young artists are going through. Students who attended the event had the opportunity to see a cultural phenomenon and national music figure from the other side of the globe — Chinese hip hop isn’t something you hear every day.