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The Best of Ann Arbor 2011


Published April 10, 2011

Date Place: The Chop House

Nothing says “I want to have sex with you” like a $43 steak (unless, of course, you’re dating a vegetarian). Impress your significant other with a trip to one of Ann Arbor’s swankiest and priciest dining venues: The Chop House. The Main Street restaurant’s logo — a long-horned bull with prominently displayed genitalia — is a testament to the house specialty of thick, juicy, red-blooded, all-American, USDA prime beef. Wash your steak down with a bottle of cabernet from The Chop House’s award-winning cellar. Or, order two bottles if the date is going awkwardly.

But no trip to the Chop House would be complete without a descent into La Dolce Vita, the restaurant’s dark and dungeon-chic dessert bar. Aromatic cigar-smoke swirls around the bar’s plush leather chairs, where diners can relax and order after-dinner cocktails and pastries. Seated together in an intimate corner, you and your date will be sure to make La Dolce Vita’s regular clientele — a bunch of middle-aged white guys — green with envy.


Salam Rida/Daily