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Masters of Mariachi

By Julia Kline, Daily Arts Writer
Published January 24, 2013

“The audience was just as much a part of that experience as the artists were,” Render said. “There was a really beautiful moment when one of the audience members, an older gentlemen, was singing along and one of the singers from the ensemble noticed him singing, and they gave him the microphone and he sang the whole song.”

Extending the theme of community, AARP is sponsoring a bus that will bring residents of Latin Americans for Social and Economic Development Senior Center in Detroit to the concert. Many of the residents are first-generation Mexican immigrants, who are very excited to see Mariachi Vargas.

Gabriela Boyd, a senior citizen who works for LA SED will be in attendance. Boyd described what mariachi music means to her.

“It’s a representation of life and enthusiasm about life,” Boyd said. “It is very happy, very rhythmic. For us, it’s like vibrating with them. It’s part of our culture since we’re born. It’s really a wonderful occasion to experience that.”

The Jan. 27 performance at Hill Auditorium is sure to transcend stereotypes and showcase mariachi’s vivid history, present stars and up-and-coming talent.

“You have 13 phenomenal musicians and some of the best vocalists in the world that are playing instruments that seem like it is an entire symphony,” Muñoz said. “It’s very beautiful, it’s very upscale and it really does present the best of the Hispanic culture.”

—Todd Needle contributed to this report.