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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Gloomy final days for 'Gossip Girl'

By Kelly Etz, Daily TV/New Media Editor
Published December 10, 2012

It seems “Gossip Girl” couldn’t keep up with all those interweaving plot threads and tied itself into one too many knots to be salvageable. With the upcoming two-hour series finale almost here — we can’t believe it either — the answers will supposedly be supplied, along with the spectacular unveiling of the real Gossip Girl.

Why the network decided to do an abbreviated season for the show’s final farewell we’ll never know, besides the fact that abbreviated seasons seem to be wildly popular this year. It feels insufficient for a series that walked the line between drama and soap so perfectly to go out without the requisite fanfare. One can only hope that the last episodes of the season manage to turn everything around, pull out all the stops and end on a high. “Gossip Girl” fans deserve no less.