Friday, April 18, 2014

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Off The Beaten Path: The journey of Les Voyageurs

By Lucy Perkins, Daily Arts Writer
Published November 15, 2012

“We’ll have people come back who graduated last year and also people who graduated in 1960 and we get along so well, it’s easy.”

Bonadonna has no doubt that she’ll keep in touch with fellow LVs and probably travel with them in the future.

“We have this thing that connects us,” she said. “And we always can come back to the cabin, it’ll always be here.”

After Alexander, Bonadonna and other Les Voyageurs graduate, the traditions that glue the society together will continue. They’ll come back as alumni for Old Timers’ Night and teach actives the skills they learned when they were at the University.

And just as they did before every meal together, they’ll sing the same song that’s been sung for more than 100 years.

Long live les voyageurs steadfast and true,
loyal to old Michigan and the yellow and blue.
And may these joyous hours we spend together,
prove as bright shining lights in darker hours.