Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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City Drift breathes life and art back into Detroit

By Omar Mahmood, Daily Arts Writer
Published October 3, 2013

Everything about the project seemed to be about subverting stereotypes about Detroit. A Finnish sauna, right in someone’s backward. In Detroit.

Take Adil, our oncologist-turned-muralist. He hails from the suburbs and has spent his career as an oncologist. His art has long been a basement matter, but now he’s moved out into the open and has found that Detroit is asking for something more. City Drift itself shows off pictures of the doctor painting Urdu poetry on the “Wall of Freedom,” next to bubbled graffiti native only to Detroit — prayer of the mother, read the blue letters, air of heaven.

“Detroit is gritty; Detroit is tough, ” Junkenheimer said. “If someone were to ask me where to go for art, I wouldn’t say Ann Arbor. I would say Detroit.”