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Friday, April 25, 2014

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Post-grad plans

By Steve Zoski, Daily Staff Reporter
Published January 17, 2012

What would you tell your 12th grade self?

Don't spend so much time on Facebook.
–Garrett Mendelow, Music, Theatre & Dance junior

I don’t know (laughs). I always wish I had practiced more. I feel like I could’ve been ahead coming into the gate if I had been as disciplined as I am now then. But I mean, things seemed to work out all right as they are.
–Laura Longman, Music, Theatre & Dance and LSA junior

Learn how to study, because I didn't start studying until I came here. So I had a hard transition.
–Brandi Patrick, Engineering junior

Keep your mind open about possibilities of changing careers or interests, because I know in high school everybody is pretty set and I think its like 80 percent end up changing their minds, and I would say the number is probably like 100 percent, I think everybody ends up switching.
–Jamison Dullea, Architecture junior

I’d say figure out exactly what I want to do so I don't waste time jumping around here, and also apply for scholarships.
–Imodu Kerobo, Business senior

Take AP Bio.
–Sarah Brown, Engineering junior

Don’t listen to university advisers. My first adviser I had in the LSA program had no idea about the School of Education or any of the schools other than LSA. He had no suggestions for me. And then when I went to the School of Ed (before I got in), an adviser who is no longer there told me to take a super, super hard class and it really messed up my GPA. I ended up on taking 19 credits in a semester ... It just wasn't a good experience.
– Becca Spitzer, Education senior

I would probably tell my 12th grade self to remember where you’re going in life and to keep the important values in mind and not get lost in just the work. Remember to stop and look at the things that are happening around you.
– Jordan Isom, Business junior

Imodu Kerobo, Business senior
Terra Molengraff/Daily